We are a small team of likeminded people that have a mutual interest in finance. It might sound a bit dull, but it is not really! We all feel that money is a subject that is important to everyone and want to do our best to help as many people as we can. We hope that by producing some information that is clear enough for everyone to understand and hopeful on topics that they find interesting and informative, that they will start to understand the importance of understanding more about money. Then we hope that they will use the tips and hints in the articles to start to work on their own finances and improve them. There are lots of small steps that we can take, some easier than others, which will help us all to improve our situation and we hope that we can help start that off. Our goal is that everyone is able to get enough information, both on this website and others, so that they will be able to improve their finances and feel much more in control of their money. This should help people to be able to all be more confident and make better financial decisions.